I Have Not The Body Electric

by Noremac McCarthy

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released March 19, 2013




Noremac McCarthy Des Moines, Iowa

An ever-changing cast of all-powerful gods of transcendental waves, and Cameron.

"Cameron" backwards is "Noremac"

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Track Name: Empyreal
A face lined with routine
unsated with tracing the grain
sought refuge in the aether

Shot through his veins,
unexpecting, unassuming,
euphoria! What glory does play
while skin and bones splay

I flew with things ethereal
of breaking the atmosphere's arms
flying "when in Rome..."
abstracted and free
Burning up, too swift for eyes
burning up, can't maintain; falling apart
let all of it go now
just ecstasy remains

wares are too far for my mind
pain is much too old to recall
cursory through the empyrean,
unchallenged by the Gods
Track Name: Waltz
{instrumental, but if you make up a melody and sing the words:

"In the first few hours of the year, lit up by a cracked plastic nativity scene,
We kissed for the first time, in the city where the wolf lies in the weeds"

you'll have made your own version that is completely your own}